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Let us introduce:

Boutique Wine Collection

Boutique Wine Collection was founded by Bryce McNamee in February of 1999; the company has grown by seeking out and importing quality focused boutique brands from Austria, France, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain and Germany. Each brand has its own fit in the repertoire of wines that complete the Boutique Wine Collection; this fit is measured by winemaker skill, origin, varietal, price, and style of wine. This carefully balanced portfolio of wines allows for unique expression of each supplier from each country while the company continues to grow.

Philosophy of the Company

Balance being the most important element in fine wine, was chosen as the logo for Boutique Wine Collection. The logo is composed by the base of a wine glass, which morphs into a vine that bifurcates at the top forming the arms of a scale measuring the balance between the vineyards and the wine. Being a Libra, Bryce McNamee has always striven to find balance in life as well as wine.