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Graybull Distributing - Indiana

We are a licensed wine and spirits distributor and cannot sell directly to the public.   We do support many consumer tastings at restaurants, licensed events, and liquor stores throughout Indiana which are great ways to explore new wines and spirits, and we encourage you to support retail shops and restaurants that stock finer products, including ours.

 If your business has a current Indiana wine or spirits retailer or dealer permit, catering permit, or temporary alcohol permit please contact us to obtain our wholesale price list.  We do not charge a split case fee and we do offer reasonable tiered pricing levels.  We consistently receive positive feedback on our customer service levels and the solid quality of our portfolio.

We are passionate about supporting Indiana businesses. Numerous studies indicate a much larger percentage of money spent with local business stays in the immediate area, boosting the local economy.  As an Indiana family owned company we try to spend as much on Indiana businesses as possible.  For example we utilize Indiana based courier companies, accounting services, and maintenance companies. Please consider using the smaller independent distributors as you build and change your wine and spirits inventories.